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Neumas Verdict

Thursday September 13, 2007

I have done a few tattoos with the pneumatic tattoo machines now. The neumas are really quite amazing to use. I thought at first I would never give up magnetic machines. Especially after 17 years of tattooing with them. I mean just the knowledge and time spent learning to tune a machine and still not being extremely proficient at it. I just didn't think they would impress me enough to stop using that knowledge which had become so much of my tattooing life and career. Quite frankly, after using the neumas I don't ever want to pick up a magnetic machine again. I never want to tune a machine again. The neumas are perfect and give you so much control. Line-work is easy and clean, after balancing 4.5 oz for 17 years and being skilled at it, I have incredible control using the light weight neuma. It weighs a little more than a thick point sharpie marker. Since the neuma is this light weight you can feel the resistance of the skin which gives the added stability of pressure against a surface. Much like a pencil on paper you feel the resistance of the drawing surface which in turn adds another dimension of stability not found when tattooing with a magnetic machine. The machines provides the perfect amount of bog for really saturating color with minimal trauma to the skin. I am not a black and grey artist. To tell the truth I struggle with black and grey pieces. I started a black and grey back piece with the neumas last Sat and for the first time I felt like I knew what I was doing. The greys were so soft over large areas smooth transitions,I was really happy with it and felt like I could finally tattoo anything. The neuma took the guess work out of it and let me concentrate on the art not on the mechanical. My clients claim it hurts less and the tattoos are healed in days. I would really recommend these to any tattoo artist doing any style. They a revolutionary machines. I've had mine almost a month and I would say half my crew of 11 artists plan on making the switch to the neumas.

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